Where to do it: East wall of Necropolis, accessible from Firpark Street

How to do it: Explore the surroundings of the cemetery's wall. Climb the most quiet part of the cemetery. Look up for barbed wire, branches, security guards, cctv, gardeners and other visitors. Get at the top of the wall by climbing, jumping or in the way that best suits to you. Once at the top walk normally or move on your fours with care. If you are lucky you can even see the deers that live there.

Care: In case of having to jump down the wall never jump inside the cemetry, don't think about jumping on a crypt because even though they are made of stone they are very fragile.
Avoid public; the "All Saints Day" on the 2nd of November, any funeral and obviously the tours in:
Sunday 13th April @ 2.00pm
Sunday 4th May @ 2.00pm
Sunday 15th June @ 2.00pm
Saturday 21st June @ 6.00pm
Saturday 5th July @ 2.00pm
Sunday 27th July @ 2.00pm
Tuesday 12th August @ 6.00pm
Sunday 16th August @ 2.00pm

Equipment: None

Hazards/risks: Branches in your face, scratches

Suitability for wet weather: No

Grade of difficulty: 6